B.O.U.M. Wine FAIR ?

Selected winemakers from all over Europe will meet to present their wines to an audience of professionals and private customers in the garden oasis of Glacis Beisl –  located in the heart of Vienna – which is well-known for traditional viennese cuisine and a huge wineselection dedicated to organic and natural wines. Vienna, for its historical strategic position is home today to several events about wine, attracting public from neighbouring countries as well as from all over Austria. 

Don’t miss the fizz!

Especially on the B.O.U.M. weekend (from 8th June) there is a lot to explore about wine in Vienna, starting with a B.O.U.M. side event (to be announced) and VieVinum winefestival. 

B.O.U.M – 8th June 2018
11:00 – 18:00

Participants fulfill
this criteria :

· Vineyards cultivated with organic or biodynamic agriculture
· Spontaneous fermentations made with indigenous yeasts
· Minimum technical interventions in the wine
· Total sulfur below 50 mg/l
· Direct management of the owned or rented vineyards

thank you for drinking natural wine!