What is B.O.U.M. – Bubbles Only Using Must?

First international natural sparkling wine fair.

It will be the first time that the most exciting winemakers from Central Europe will meet to present „only“ their naturally fermented wines, Vini Frizzanti or PetNats to the audience. For this event, the heritage-listed rooms of Alte Post (Old Central Post Office) in the center of Vienna will open up to public on June 9th 2017.

Fermentation in the bottle is by far the oldest method of making sparkling wine. In contrast to conventional sparkling wine or Champagne, where sugar and selected yeast is added to the „finished“ wine to trigger a second fermentation, the natural sparkling wine ferments directly in the bottle without adding any artificial additives. Or, to put it into simple words: the winemakers bottle the fermenting must and seal it with a crown cap. From this point on no intervention by the grower is possible anymore. The result is a raw and unpolished wine, and so here we are: Bubbles Only Using Must!

Over the past few years the „Ancestral method“ (as described above) has experienced a strong revival among natural wine winemakers around the world. A renaissance, which has manifested itself especially through the so called „PetNat“ production. Pétillant Naturel (PetNat) origins from the Loire Valley in France and turned into the hipster among fizzy wines. Really smooth and easy to drink, the PetNats come with about the half pressure of Champagne and always surpise with freshness and vividness. No news to Italians, who produce high quality naturally fermented Vino Spumante, Prosecco or Lambrusco using the archaic Ancestral method ever since. A major part of the enological identity of Emilia Romagna region is defined by Vini Frizzanti fermented by natural yeast and fermentation in the bottle. Sparkling wine without chemistry or technical intervention.

B.O.U.M. wine fair has dedicated itself to the Bubbly and wants to provide all the brave winemakers taking a risk by producing naturally fermented wine with a unique stage by organizing this fair in the multicultural, vinophile city of Vienna.
All participants fulfill following criteria:
· Vineyards cultivated with organic or biodynamic agriculture
· Spontaneous fermentations made with indigenous yeasts
· Minimum technical interventions in the wine
· Total sulfur below 50 mg/l
· Direct management of the owned or rented vineyards

We are really looking forward to a fizzy afternoon or, as the participating winemaker Claus Preisinger would say: „Bubbles against Troubles!“.

B.O.U.M. – Bubbles Only Using Must
Alte Post (Old Central Post Office)
Postgasse 8
1010 Vienna
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14:00 – 15:00 press, specialist audience
15:00 – 21:00 open to public

entry fee
on location: €20,-
pre-sale tickets: €15,- are available at Vinifero (Gumpendorferstraße 36, 1060 Vienna)
special audience: €10,-